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本文摘要:高考英语作文经范例文名人名言No one can degrade us except ourselves; that if we are worthy, no influence can defeat us. (B.T.Washington, American educator)除了我们自己以外,没有人能贬低我们。

高考英语作文经范例文名人名言No one can degrade us except ourselves; that if we are worthy, no influence can defeat us. (B.T.Washington, American educator)除了我们自己以外,没有人能贬低我们。如果我们坚强,就没有什么不良影响能够打败我们。为了大家能更多的获得写作部门的25分,我们特精选了以下范文,希望同学们务必研读背诵!(尤其注意:文中划线部门为该体裁的套话;黑体部门为写作中的经典表达。)May you succeed in the coming college entrance examination.◎到场报社等讨论稿(带手机利弊)Dear Editor:[引出话题]I’m a senior three student.I’m writing to tell you my opinion onwhether middle school students can go to school with mobile phones. [赞成]I think they can do that. Because students can keep in touch with their friends and family wherever they are. Besides, the mobile phone is a way to have fun. [阻挡] However, every coin has 2 sides. There are some problems with using mobile phones. The ring of phones can disturb teachers and students in the classroom. Another students is that some students can spend too much time and money on phone calls and sending messages. [小我私家看法] In conclusion, I suggest students not use phones in the classroom. Also, as it is expensive, the owner should take good care of it. Yours sincerely, Li Hua◎看对照表格写观察陈诉(孩子出国利弊)[观察内容] A survey is taken on public opinions of the fact that many parents spend a large amount of money sending their children to study abroad, some of whom are middle school students. [观察效果]From it we can see that 38 percent of those surveyed think it is worth the money letting children study abroad to get a better education so that they can get pay in return in the future. However, not all are for it / some are against it. 62% of them hold the view that it is difficult for young people to live and study in a foreign country. It’s easy for them to fall / get into some bad habits and the cost of education in another country is ten times as much as that at home. [解决措施]The survey shows that the government should set up different kinds of schools to meet the demands of different children. (句型do something /take measures / steps about sth.to do sth)◎读柱状图表写观察陈诉 [注意句式变换]Middle school students have some ideas about their future jobs.The most striking contrast isin teaching: 30percent of the girls would like tobecome teachers while only 5percent of the boys want to do the job. 20 percent of the boys want to do business and another 20 percent want to become lawyers, while girls make up 15percent in these two fields. What boys like to do most is tobecome managers and the second largest group would like to be scientists. Besides teaching, the second choice for girls is to be scientists and managers. The number is not small. Girls also expect to show their abilities in these two fields.◎写信(已往/现在对比)Dear editor,I’m a middle school student. I once had a very happy family, but everything has changed because of my father. He used to be a very good doctor and was often praised by his patients. He took good care of the family and shared thehousework with my mother everyday. However, he is now quite a different person. He plays mahjong all night and often quarrels with my mother. I just can’t concentrate on my studies and my grades are coming down. I’m very much worried and I’m afraid it will destroy my family as well as my father Could you help me what to do? I’m looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much. Li Hua◎图画+小我私家想法One day during the summer holidays, I met my classmate Li Ming, whose nickname is Tao taopi. We chatted for a while as we walked. I asked him where he would go during the holidays. He replied that he had to stay at home studying. Then I’d like to know why he didn’t go out for a tour. Much to my surprise, he told me that it was just because he failed to be accepted by key universities.In my opinion/Personally/ I think, traveling during the holidays not only increase a student’s knowledge of his or her motherland but also makes life meaningful. What’s more, at the present time, we students are suffering a lot both at home and school. Why not go out to get relaxed.◎诙谐画We want our schoolbags lighter[图画内容]The picture shows us a schoolboy and a big woman. The boy is wearing a pair of glasses and carrying a big heavy bag. The woman is taking some exercise. The boy is saying to the woman jokingly: “Mum, if you carry the schoolbag for me, I’m sure you will easily lose weight….” [社会实际]It’s quite common that Chinese students are overburdened with the lessons and homework. What we do every day is to listen to the teachers’ lectures, take notes and do our homework which seems endless. [小我私家想法]We do hope our teachers will help us get more knowledge with fewer lectures, exercises and less homework. Only in this way can we have time to do sports every day. Then we will be mentally and physically healthy.◎补全图画Yesterday afternoon I went to the park. It so happened that I saw a touching event.At that time there were some people boating on the lake. A girl and her parents were taking photos. All of a sudden, the little girl fell into the lake as a result of carelessness. Obviously she couldn’t swim and was struggling in the water. Her parents cried for help. Hearing the cry, a young man immediately rushed to the bank and jumped into the water without taking off his clothes. He swam to the drowning girl and managed to push to the bank. At last the girl was saved. The girl’s parents were very grateful to the young man. Many people were greatly moved by the young man’s deeds. What a kind and brave young man!◎广播稿(看图海啸)Boys and girls,May I have your attention, please?At the end of 2004, a strong earthquake hit the west part of Indonesia, which brought on a terrible tsunami to some areas of western Asia. This disaster has caused millions of deaths and destroyed many beautiful cities. How terrible things are! Besides, millions more who have become homeless are in great need of help now. At present many countries all over the world including China have sent rescue teams there and thousands of people in every corner of the world are donating money to show their concern for them. It is true that many natural disasters can’t be avoided sometimes. But at least we can do something to help the people in the tsunami-hit areas. So let’s offer our pocket money to them! Thank you.◎通知Dec. 19th, 2004 NOTICE To help students learn more about computers, we have invited Professor Wang from the Computer Department of Qinghua University to give us a lecture on Saturday, December 22nd. Professor will talk about the use of computer and how to learn through the Internet. The lecture begins at 2;00pm in Room 204 of the Library Building. Any computer-lover is welcome toattend the lecture. Please bring your questions in computer learning. Professor Wang will will leave you time for questions. Don’t forget to be on time. the Students’ Union◎接待词Ladies and gentlemen,Welcome to our school! Now let me introduce something aboutthe changes that have taken place in our class.We used to listen and take notes in class, but had no time to think for ourselves. Because we were not interested in the lessons, we often felt sleepy while listening. After school we had to finish much homework, unable to have some sports.However, things are different now. With the help of computers, the lessons are so lively and interesting that the students are active to answer the questions instead of falling asleep. As a result, we have made greater progress than before, though we spend less time doing our homework. And we can enjoy ourselves after class.The good teaching method is popular with all of us. We will try our best to study even harder.That’s all. Thank you!◎填写求职表格(高三课本P140)Family name: ZhouFirst name: LanSex: Female Date of birth: March 25,1983Place of birth:Zhuzhou, HunanNationality: ChineseAddress:No 4 Middle School of ZhuzhouTelephone number:0733-8483628Education:Graduated from Hunan UniversityExplain why you think you are suited for the job:I enjoy working with people. I’m young and healthy, delightful, helpful. I can speak standard Chinese and I’m good at English. I once won the first prize of English competition in our college. I’m very interested in traveling and know many places of interest in China.◎求职信Dear sir, The other day from China daily I know that your company need a travel guide.I’m writing to apply for the job. I’m Chinese, female. I was born on March 25,1983 in Zhuzhou, Hunan province. I graduated from Hunan University last month. I enjoy working with people. I’m young and healthy, delightful, helpful. I can speak standard Chinese and I’m good at English. I once won the first prize of English competition in our college. I’m very interested in traveling and know many places of interest in China.I think I’m suited for the job. If you can let me have this chance I will try my best to do it well.Expecting you answer. You can connect me by posting a letter to No 4 Middle School of Zhuzhou or dial this number:0733-8483628. Yours sincerely, Zhoulan◎回复公司关于面试的信件(高三课本P144) No 4 Middle School of Zhuzhou, Hunan July 28, 2005Dear Mr Lively, Thank you for your letter of July 20 asking me to come to inter view on Friday, August 2 at 2:30 pm. Unfortunately, I shall not be in that day, as I have another appointment. May I suggest another date for the interview? I could come to an interview on Thursday, August 1, or the morning of August 2. I hope one of these dates will be possible for you, as I am extremely interested in the post. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Zhoulan。





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